Cloud Drive, 2016

In the occasion of Lectures for the Arts in Digital Media Program at the HfK Bremen. Auditorium of the University of the Arts of Bremen

Photo: Cassia Vila


Cloud Drive is a talk about fog, clouds and visibility as an artist. It shows a collection of videos of a weekend getaway of Lucas Odahara and his family to the coast of the state of São Paulo in Brazil, and discusses the characteristics of the climate conditions found on the way. 

The talk was directed to first semester students in the Master Program of Arts in Digital Media at the HfK Bremen and it questions the placement of visibility within one’s practice. How does one learn to grasp the idea of their own work as a cloud – as something discrete, visible by others from the distance while also allowing oneself to think about it as fog – when visibility is scarce and boundaries blur, when points of reference are gone, and where navigation skills are necessary.

Dictation and the Museum of Language2016

On the occasion of Add-on: Systematically flawed extensions with Lucas Odahara, Ian Hatcher and Neda Saeedi - Lettrétage - Literatur Haus Kreuzberg, Berlin

 Photo: Lettrétage


Dictation and the Museum of Language is a talk about language in times of political crisis. Odahara presents the two uses of the verb to dictate: as the action of giving orders and the action of saying something aloud to be written down. During the whole talk Vince Tillotson writes down what Odahara says, trying effortlessly to follow the speech. Odahara then presents the misspellings of his japanese surname that took place since his grandparents moved to Brazil, and connects it to the dictatorship in the country and to the Museum of Portuguese Language in São Paulo that was destroyed by fire in 2015. A time of big political upheaval in Brazil that culminated in the process of impeachment of Dilma Roussef, the elected president at the time, led by the right wing in the country. 

Real State2016

On the occasion of Immigration Office’s book release We Hope This Finds You Well. Städtische Galerie Bremen

Photo: Zhe Wang


Real State is a talk based on the observation of temporary buildings visited by Lucas Odahara in 2016.

The buildings under observation are: the international airport in Brussels, the refugee camp at the Überseestadt in Bremen and the Frieze Art Fair in London. The common feature that brings these distinct places together being the building material of each of these structures, as they are all temporary white tents.

The airport in Brussels, after the bombing that took place on March 22nd 2016, temporarily reconstructed part of its structure so that the passengers could start using the airport again. White plastic tents were used to create a new entrance to the airport, surrounded by military force. Inside the tent (not visible from the outside), concrete walls were erected to prevent free movement. The same type of white tent structure was used to build the temporary refugee camp in Bremen. And the same material was observed at the Frieze Art Fair in London, one of the most visited art fairs in the world. The fair being temporarily built every year at Regent’s park.

The talk focuses on these seemingly similar white tents built in different parts of Europe, that as temporary as it may look, hold other kinds of systems of social separation that works more permanently than its physical structure.


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